Telco's neverending adventure ͡ಥ ͜ʖ ͡ಥ

Interesting links, week 43, 2023, with some braindump

I was listening those podcasts with a lot of attention this week:

Now if I had to play the cheap industry analyst:

From the Super Ligero podcast we learned that South Korea, which has probably the most advanced usage on the planet in terms of media/technology, has not been able to have new devices/usage pairing that could justify the need for the amazing bandwidth capacity in 5G SA on high bands. Immersive handset like the Apple one could have a role, but as we see from Apple other devices itself, the progress in custom silicon, combined with on-device AI processing, makes the network capacity itself less and less relevant for the new generation of personal compute.

So what could be the kicker for telco industry? Focusing back on cost effective coverage.

Existing/new actors might have a role to play in coverage gaps filling if the radios are cheap enough (i.e. use a lot of tiny ones) and if the coverage provided is bringing value (i.e. lot of roaming users doing traffic/calls). However:

But the telco industry is bouncing back already. Everything seems to point at that big telco actors will instead engage with another industry to solve their coverage need - Space!. A lot of signals are driving the telco industry to this old holy grail:

Personally, I will be watching that space (pun intended) in the coming months/years.

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